Online Shopping Revolution

When it comes to technology, there are many ways in this nebulous umbrella terms has changed our lives drastically, and many of them for the better.Tech take a number of different forms to accomplish a litany of different tasks, and the world today is a far cry from what it was mere decades as a result of bigger and better tech. Today is truly a golden age for mankind, in some respect. (cough, cough.) However, I would argue that there is one aspect that technology has all but perfected, and like many things, it goes unnoticed and is taken for granted. I’m talking, of course, about online shopping. Online shopping has taken what was once a huge hassle and turned it into the most convenient form it can be, for the most part, and I think that deserves more credit. Going to the grocery store every work or two was, and still is, a drag, bust just about everything else you could ever need is available online, so you can take care of the vast majority of your needs without ever leaving the house or talking to another human being. Sure, you have to wait a couple days for the delivery, but this is a small price to pay, if you ask me.

Think about, though, and you’ll soon realize how good you have it. For starters, you have companies like eBay and Amazon that are like the department stores of the internet. They have a little bit of everything, in this sense. eBay is also one of many sites that prioritizes the ability for users to sell their own items, be they used items that are no longer wanted or simply home made. Likewise, Etsy provides a place for people to sell hand made arts and crafts, especially jewelry. Then, of course, you have a litany of other, more niche, offerings available online. For instance, you could order some upscale clothing from Neiman Marcus, or you could instead buy something more down to earth from Forever 21. You can take care of the needs of your furry friends via PetSmart while Think Geek has you covered with regards to pop culture memorabilia. Speaking of memorabilia, if you’re into sports, Fanatics has you covered here. There really is something for everyone online nowadays. As mentioned before, groceries are out of reach for the time being, but Blue Apron and Hello Fresh offer you recipes and the ingredients with which to make them on a weekly basis, and dry good are available online in abundance, so it’s only a matter of time.